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Welcome to Lake Thunderbird

Putnam, Illinois

Welcome to Lake Thunderbird and the Official Lake Thunderbird Web site. Whether you are an owner/member of the Lake or just interested, come on in and explore our website! We're glad you're here!

Weather for Lake Thunderbird and Central Illinois

Lake Thunderbird...

...snuggles in the beautiful meandering hills and woods of the Illinois River valley. The lake is inhabited by deer, raccoons, wild turkey, ducks, song birds, geese, an occasional bald eagle and of course a few people. Boating, fishing, swimming, picnicking, hiking, biking, tennis, ice skating, sledding and many other pursuits are enjoyed around the lake during the passing of the seasons. Thank you for visiting the Lake Thunderbird Association website. Please check back frequently for updates.

(Photos Courtesy Elaine Lorinczi.)

To see the Clear Sky Forecast for Lake Thunderbird, find satellites that may be passing overhead, a star map and lots of other neat stuff relating to star gazing, click on the image below!

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